From April 1st we have changed from NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN ENGINEERING


Who We Are

Corporate Overview


Head office Osaki Center Building, 1-5-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8604 Japan
Phone 81-3-6665-2000
Director and President
Shinichi Fujiwara
Capital ¥15 billion
Annual sales ¥356.7 billion (FY2018; consolidated)
Employees Non-consolidated 1,186
Consolidated 4,616 (as of March 31, 2019)

Business Areas

Steel Plants

Steel Plants

Ironmaking and steelmaking plants (blast furnaces, basic-oxygen furnaces, etc.), Direct reduction plants (shaft furnace type), processing & treatment lines (C.A.P.L.TM, CGL, ETL, CCL, etc.), environmental & energy saving systems (rotary hearth furnace [RHF], coke dry quenching [CDQ], coal moisture control [CMC], gas treatment, Dry DeSOx DeNOx System [DDDS]), electric arc furnaces, continuous casters, reheating furnaces, rolling mills, nonferrous metal processing line

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy Plants, Resource Recycling, Soil/Groundwater Remediation

Waste to Energy Technologies (lncineration/Steinmüller type Waste to Energy System and Gasification/Direct Melting System), waste recycling facilities, PCB waste treatment facilities, Gasification Recycling Facility for Waste Tires, In-situ Remediation Method

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Electricity retail supply, on-site energy supply, power generation engineering, wind power generation, geothermal steam production equipment, energy saving CO2 absorption process [ESCAPTM]

Energy Facilities

Natural gas liquefaction systems, LNG/LPG/oil receiving and delivery systems (LNG/LPG receiving terminals, LNG satellite stations, LNG lorry shipment equipment, etc.), storage equipment (low-temperature liquefied gas tanks, city gas holders, etc.), piping and facilities of iron works

Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS)

Marine Engineering and Construction

Oil and Gas Development Projects, Offshore Steel Structure / Coastal Development

Oil / natural gas offshore pipelines, offshore platform (decks, modules and jackets), breakwaters, wave dissipation banks, bulkheads, immersed steel tube tunnels, steel shell composite caissons, large-scale floating structures, steel/reinforced concrete structures, steel reefs, piling work, pipeline inspection, pipe in pipe, construction of offshore wind power

Building Construction and Steel Structures

Comprehensive Building Construction

Construction of industrial, distribution center, office buildings, condominiums and plant buildings, construction of public facilities by PFI

Standardized Building


High-Tech Steel Structures

High-technology steel structures (large-span spatial structure, exposed steel structure, tubular steel structure)
Spatial structure systems (NS Truss, W-Truss, NS Tension System, timber-steel hybrid system)

Pre-Engineered Products

Vibration-control and base-isolation devices (Unbonded BraceTM, U-Shaped Steel DamperTM, NS-SSBTM (Spherical Sliding Bearing), etc.)
Bridge products (grating, KAKUTABASHITM, H-Beam BridgeTM, Panel-bridgeTM, NS-cover Plate, etc.)


Energy Pipelines

On-land pipelines (natural gas, oil, etc.), city gas piping, decompress systems of high-pressure gas, simplified circular pipeline propulsive methods, fully automated welding machine methods of on-land pipeline construction, "ANHTTM" type hot tapping method, buried pipe coating flaw inspection


Water pipelines, aqueduct water, tank for urgent use, renewal and reuse methods for superannuated conduits (steel tunneling, pipe-in-pipe and InsituformTM methods), submarine water pipelines, thermal and nuclear power plant circulation water piping, improvement methods for existing distribution reservoirs

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