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What We Do

Steel Plants


Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) System

Coal Moisture Control (CMC) System

NSENGI's Energy-saving Blast Furnace

Top Charging System

Casthouse Machinery

Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning Plant

High-efficiency Waste Gas Heat Recovery System


Regenerative Burner-type Reheating Furnace


NS Blade / Advanced Air Knife for Continuous Hot-dip Galvanizing Line

Electrolytic Tinning Line

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy Plants

Steinmüller type Waste to Energy System

Direct Melting System

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Exploration Facilities

DLB(Derrick Lay Barge) Kuroshio (K1)

DLB(Derrick Lay Barge) Kuroshio-2 (K2)

POSH Giant 3

Thai Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering & Construction Corp., LTD. (TNS) - Bangpakong Yard, Amara Yard -

Building Construction and Steel Structures

Building Construction

STAN Package R

High-Tech Steel Structures

Spatial Structure Engineering

Tension Structures

System Trusses

Tower Engineering

Hybrid Structures

Response Control and Seismic Isolation Devices

UBB™ (Unbonded Brace)

NS-U™ (U-shaped Steel Damper)

Bridge Products

Kakuta Bridge™

Panel Bridge™

Who We Are

Global Network


Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd. (Ho Chi Minh Representative Office)

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