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July 23, 2012
Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.

Completion of the Booster Compressor Platform Project in Myanmar for Petronas Carigali Myanmar

The Marine Engineering & Construction Division of Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. (president: Makoto Takahashi), which was awarded the order from Petronas Carigali Myanmar, undertook the entire construction, including design, procurement, manufacturing and commissioning, of one natural gas Booster Compressor Platform (total weight 13,708t) with connection bridge (approx. 760t) in the Yatagun area in Myanmar. The project was successfully completed with no accidents, and an inauguration ceremony was held at the Traders Hotel in Yangon on Friday May 4th.

In the construction of the platform, which has one of the largest superstructures undertaken by our company to date, our subsidiary TNS/Thailand(※1) executed the design, procurement, manufacture of the superstructure and commissioning, and the jacket was manufactured by NS-BATAM/Indonesia (※2). No accidents occurred during the execution of the project. At the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Abdullah Karim, President of Petronas Carigali, delivered an address congratulating us on our high-quality, on-schedule and accident-free construction work.

(※1)TNS: Thai Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction Corp., Ltd.
(※2)NS BATAM: P.T. Nippon Steel Batam Offshore Service

Our company intends to aggressively enter the Myanmar market, where energy-development demand is expected to rise in future, and with the experience gained through the successful completion of this project, we intend to focus our attention on prospective large-scale offshore projects.

1. Overview of the Booster Compressor Platform:

(1) Location: Yatagun area, Myanmar

  • ①Location : Offshore approximately 200km of Myanmar in the Andaman Sea
  • ②Operator and main investor : Petronas Carigali Myanmar Corporation(financed with 40.91%) *Other main investors-Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise(20.45%), JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation(19.32「H)
  • ③Other : The natural gas produced in the mine lot is exported to the Thai country by bottom of the sea pipeline.

(2) Summary of the Booster Compressor Platform

  • ①Weight of the Platform
    • ・Jacket: 4,527 tons; Topside: 6,251 tons; Pile: 2,930 tons
  • ②Main process equipment
    • ・Separator: separates fluids from the well into gases, water and condensates.
    • ・Gas Cooler: a shell-and-tube type heat-exchanger that cools fluids from the well and compressed gases from the Booster Compressor. (Seawater cooling)
    • ・Gas Turbine Compressor (250MMscfd x 3): equipment that compresses gases from the Separator.
    • ・Gas Turbine Generator (5.15MW x 1): an AC generator that is the main source of power for the various equipment and facilities on the Platform.

(3) General view of the plant


2. Inauguration ceremony:

(1) Date: Friday, 4 May 2012

(2) Venue: Traders Hotel, Yangon

(3) Main attendees:

・Petronas Carigali Mr. Abdullah Karim (President/8th from the left)
・Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise Mr.Kyaw (General Manager/7th from the left)
・PTTEP International Limited Mr. Kanok(Myanmar Resident Mgr/6th from the right)
・PC Myanmar (Hong Kong) Limited Mr. Kamaruzaman (Project Manager/8th from the right)
・PC Myanmar (Hong Kong) Limited Mr. Ahamad Lutpi (General Manager/7th from the right)
・Nippon Steel Engineering Co Ltd Mr. Nishimura (Director/5th from the right)
・Thai Nippon Steel Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction Corp., Ltd. Mr. Ishiwa(Managing Director/3th from the left)

(4) Photograph showing the main attendees at the ceremony.


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