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August 1, 2017

Receipt of Order to Construct No.35 Hot Stove for No.3 Blast Furnace for Kakogawa Mill of Kobe Steel

NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN ENGINEERING CO., LTD.(NSENGI) (Shinichi Fujiwara, Representative Director and President) has received an order to construct No.35 Hot Stove for No.3 Blast Furnace from Kakogawa Mill of Kobe Steel Ltd. (Japan). In this project, a new hot stove (No.35) will be constructed in order to reconstruct the other hot stoves currently utilized for the No.3 Blast Furnace.

In the past, we have conducted a similar sequence of hot stove reconstruction by adding a new hot stove at Kobe Steel's Kakogawa No.2 Blast Furnace, which led to this order. This time, we have managed to promptly plan the total reconstruction project by taking into consideration of the remaining life expectancy of the existing hot stoves, detailed layout and procedures that best fit the restricted space allowed for installation at site, and relocation requirements for the auxiliary equipment.

Among Internal-Combustion type of hot stoves, No.35 Hot Stove is one of the largest in Japan, resulting in an extraordinary demand for refined technology. We are confident to successfully execute this project with our expertise and professionalism.

A large number of hot stoves in the steelworks all over Japan are deteriorating and are in need of reconstruction. We have an extensive lineup of hot stoves including not only Internal-Combustion type and External-Combustion type, but also Top-Combustion with Metallic Burner type, while our delivery record from the past consists of more than 50 hot stoves, together enabling us to continuously respond to the demands from the industry.

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