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July 31, 2017

Receipt Order for Cast-in-pipe Copper Stave Cooler for No.3BF of Hyundai Steel Company Dangjin Steel Mills

NIPPON STEEL AND SUMIKIN ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (Shinichi Fujiwara, Representative Director and President; hereinafter NSENGI) has received an order for 120 pieces of cast-in steel pipe copper staves1 that are planned to be replaced in their No.3Blast Furance (Blow-in on Sep, 2013) of Hyundai Steel Company (hereinafter HSC) Dangjin Steel Mill.

Our newly developed cast-in steel pipe copper stave has technical features which were highly evaluated by HSC such as high abrasion resistance, and design flexibility since it can be casted into a desirable shape for improvement of blast furnace inner profile.

NSENGI developed this new cast-in steel pipe copper stave based on over 40 years of experience and know-how of design and manufacturing of cast iron staves. Moreover, these cast-in steel pipe copper staves have been applied to several Blast Furnaces since 2004.

Our newly developed cast-in steel pipe copper stave have made significant improvements compared to the conventional type copper stave regarding required function for staves (long service life and low heat abstraction, etc.) with the casting method feature to achieve long service life and energy saving of the Blast Furnace.

1) Our original up-ward rib can reduce the contact force and descending velocity of raw materials which cause abnormal wear, therefore high wear resistance(long service life) can be achieved.

2) Cast-in steel pipe which has more stiffness than copper performs as a framework of the stave and also the Cast-in steel pipes are constrained by gas seal boxes directly to the Furnace Shell, so that the upper and lower part of the Cast-in steel pipe stave have high deformation resistance and are able to achieve long service life.

3) Cast-in steel pipe stave can eliminate plug welding and pipe welding that are necessary for conventional copper staves, therefore it can perfectly eliminate risk of weld breakages.

NSENGI will contribute to achieve Long Service Life and Energy-saving of Blast Furnace through wide promotion of our Cast-in steel pipe copper staves.

※1 Stave Cooler : Stave cooler is installed inside of Blast Furnace that is major process for iron making, and its function is keeping the furnace inside profile and preventing furnace shell from damages caused by high temperature gas and molten metal inside blast furnace.

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