Announcement Pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter the "Act"), NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (hereinafter "we") makes the following announcement.

1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information (Article 21.1 and Article 32.1.2 of the Act)

Purposes of use of personal information that we collect and retains are, in addition to cases where the purposes of use are notified or announced to you on an individual basis, as described below unless notification or announcement is not required under Article 21.4 of the Act, or under any other provision of the Act.

Type of Personal Information Purpose of Use
Personal information relating to clients and other business partners
  • Communication, etc. relating to business dealings (including those under discussion)
  • Exercising and performance of contractual rights and obligations
  • Communication associated with the above purposes
Lists of contacts of companies, governmental offices and other organizations, including lists which are commercially available
  • Contacting a person on a list
  • Investigation and confirmation of organizational structures and positions of employees/officials of companies, governmental offices and other organizations which have business relations with us
Personal information relating to public relations activities
  • Sending PR magazines, calendars, e-mail newsletters, etc.; Performance of PR activities
  • Responding to enquiries
Personal information relating to recruitment activities
  • Recruitment and selection procedures; Contacting applicants
Personal information relating to the use of computer systems
  • Issuance and revision/cancellation of IDs to use our system or services provided through the system (hereinafter the "Services")
  • Contact and notifications to users regarding use of the Services
  • Management of Services usage (including security management)
  • Other uses that are incidental to the above items

2. Items relating to Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties (Article 27 of the Act)

  1. Provision to Third Parties
    As a rule, we will not provide personal information to third parties without your consent.
    However, the following cases are exceptions:
    1. Cases in which your consent is not necessary, pursuant to Article 273.1 of the Act
    2. Cases such as subcontracting of business activities, or succession of the business, pursuant to each item under Article 27.5 of the Act
    3. Cases in which separate opt-out procedures are conducted, pursuant to Article 27.2 of the Act
    4. Cases in which the personal information is disclosed or provided in a manner that does not allow you to be identified, such as in the form of statistical data, etc.
  2. Joint Use (Article 27.5.3 of the Act)
    We may jointly use your personal information as necessary, in the following manner:
    Items of personal data subject to joint use Personal information pertaining to company names, positions, titles, names, workplace addresses/telephone numbers/e-mail addresses, etc. in the possession of us
    Those who may jointly use the personal data NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION Group companies
    Address of joint user Please refer the website of each of our group companies
    ※Click here for our group companies
    Representative of joint user (corporation) Please refer the website of each of our group companies
    ※Click here for our group companies
    Purpose of joint use To provide adequate services from the NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION Group
    Those responsible for management of personal data NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD.

3. Procedures to Meet Requests for Disclosure and Others (Article 32.1.3, 32.1.4, Article 37, Article 38 and Article 39 of the Act)

We respond to "Requests for Disclosure and Others" pertaining to (1) notification of purpose of use of personal information, (2) disclosure of personal information, (3) correction of personal information, (4) deletion or discontinuation of the utilization of personal information, and (5) discontinuation of the provision of personal information to third parties, in accordance with the following procedures.

  1. Place to submit a "Request for Disclosure and Others"
    A "Request for Disclosure and Others" should be submitted to the department to which you provided your personal information.
    In the case that you are not sure where to contact, please enquire by mail or fax via the contact details listed in section 5 at the bottom of this page.
  2. How to submit a "Request for Disclosure and Others"
    A designated request form corresponding to the nature of the request will be sent to you by mail, fax or e-mail, unless we determine otherwise for the particular case. Please fill in the required sections of the request form and send it together with documents to verify your identity ((1) original Certificate of Seal-Impression (issued within the past three months) and (2) a copy of an official identification document (any one of a driver's license, passport, or health insurance card)).
    In the case of a proxy request, please attach a document substantiating proxy representation and documents to verify the identity of the proxy representative, in addition to the aforementioned documents.
  3. Fees, etc. (in the case of requests for notification of the purpose of use of personal information, or requests for disclosure of personal information)
    • Request Fee: ¥400 per each request
    • (for postal mail)
      Postage Fee: ¥729 (basic fee: ¥84; additional fee for registered mail: ¥435; additional fee for ID confirmation delivery service : ¥210)
    • Together with your request documentation, please enclose a fixed-amount postal money order for the value of the request fees corresponding to the number of requests being made, plus the postage fee.
  4. Other
    • In the case that there are irregularities with the request form, or in the case that fees are not enclosed, we may be unable to respond to your request.
    • Our response shall be in writing, and request documentation shall not be returned.
      Please note that it may take time to respond to requests.
    • Personal information obtained by us through "Requests for Disclosure and Others" will only be used for the purpose of responding to such "Requests for Disclosure and Others."
    • We will notify you in the event that our investigation reveals that we are not in possession of the personal data in question. (Fees, etc. will not be returned.)
    • We will notify you in the event that we are unable to respond to your enquiry pursuant to any item under Article 33.2 of the Act, or any other provision under the Act. (Fees, etc. will not be returned.)

4. Place to File a Complaint (Article 32.1.4 of the Act, Article 10.2 of the Cabinet Order)

Complaints regarding the handling of personal information held by us should be lodged by mail or fax using the contact details listed in section 5 at the bottom of this page. Please note that we are unable to accept complaints lodged in person at our offices.

5. Contact Details

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD., Osaki Center Building, 1-5-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8604 Japan

FAX: 03-6665-4816

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