Laying the Groundwork for a Bright Future

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is dedicated to promoting Sustainability activities that are firmly rooted in the local community, at each of our locations.
Our mission is to build a bright future through activities such as nurturing the next generation, in addition to constructing high-quality social and industrial infrastructure safely and on schedule, with consideration for the environment and regulatory compliance.

The current global economy faces great uncertainty over matters including geopolitical risks, and the wisdom and experience of people are required in solving a range of issues such as poverty and wealth inequality, risks surrounding resources and the environment, and food security.

Since becoming president of us, I have placed sustainability--namely considerations for a sustainable global future--as an important priority in guiding our managerial decision making, alongside our aim to respond to the demands of our customers as an engineering company. "Are our business activities contributing to the economic development of the countries and regions in which we operate, or helping to resolve their energy issues and reduce their environmental footprint?" "Is our group providing a unique value proposition in response to the needs of an ever more diverse and complex society?" These are the important questions that I feel I must always consider as the management.

I also intend to promote Sustainability activities across the group in line with our CSR Policy, in order to continue to hold the trust of our stakeholders. These activities include safety improvement strategies, quality improvement and technological innovation, supply chain management, rigorous compliance, promotion of diversity, and a variety of social contributions.

We will continue our efforts to demonstrate the value of the our group within the global market, working responsibly and enthusiastically to strengthen both internal and external cooperation.

Our Mission and Our Values with CSR Policy

Our Mission and Our Values with CSR Policy

Our Mission

Leveraging technologies and ideas that go one step ahead, we will provide optimal engineering solutions to our clients so that we can contribute to the development of global society and industries.

Our Values

  • Gemba (where we create value through our work)
  • Technology
  • Human Capital
  • Integrity

CSR Policy

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