Compliance Policy

Based on the recognition that the thorough practice of compliance is a prerequisite and is the essence of our business management, NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group will prevent every kind of injustice and promote fair and transparent business activities.

  1. We will observe domestic and foreign laws and regulations as well as social norms in all aspects of our business activities, and will make decisions and behave with sincerity based on high ethical standards.
  2. We will strive to become a company trusted by society by meeting the expectations and demands of all of our stakeholders, and by fulfilling our social responsibility.
  3. We will improve compliance awareness for all our employees, developing and maintaining a sound corporate climate through continuing education and outreach and by establishing a structure and environment for internal controls.

Code of Conduct for Officers and Employees

All the officers and employees of NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group must implement the group compliance policy by abiding by the following ten items:

  1. Respect for human rights
    We will respect human rights, refraining from discrimination and harassment.
  2. Transparent and free competition, fair trade
    When performing sales activities, we will never engage in unfair trade practices such as cartels, private monopolization, and unfair trade restrictions, etc., prohibited by anti-competition laws and regulations in each country.
  3. Appropriate performance of construction work
    We will ensure that construction work is performed appropriately by complying with construction laws in establishing contracts, performing procurement, allocating technicians, and preparing necessary paperwork.
  4. Complete implementation of security export controls
    To maintain international peace and security, we will comply with laws, regulations, and internal regulations concerning security export controls. We will refrain from illegal exports.
  5. Complete implementation of information management and the prohibition of intellectual property right violations
    We will maintain the company's confidential information in strict confidence and handle external information and third-party intellectual property rights in an appropriate manner.
  6. Prohibition of bribery and excessive entertainment
    We will not engage in bribery (the provision, offer, or promise of monetary or other benefits with improper purposes). We will furnish entertainment and / or gifts in accordance with laws and internal regulations, and not in excess of socially acceptable limits.
  7. Prohibition of improper stock transactions
    We will keep insider information in confidence until it is released to the public, and perform no act in violation of regulations against insider trading.
  8. Through performance of KYC
    We will perform Know Your Customer procedures thoroughly before entering into business relationships and never establish any ties with parties who are involved in organized crime or money laundering, etc., such as the Mafia, etc.
  9. Proper accounting processing and filing of tax returns
    We will process our accounting and file our taxes in a proper manner, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, with no financial window-dressing or disguised / concealed accounts.
  10. Prohibition of acts in conflict with the company's interests
    We will perform the company's business with sincerity, drawing a line between public and private affairs and committing no acts in conflict with the company's interests.

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