Environmental Policy

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group recognizes that the balance of environmental conservation and business activities is at the core of the management of an advanced engineering company trusted by society. We will strive to achieve this balance by acting in accordance with the following guidelines that will enable us to contribute to creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

  1. We will strive to maintain and improve our level of environmental management by strictly complying with environment-related laws, ordinances, and agreements, etc., in all aspects of our business activities.
  2. We will contribute to global environmental conservation in all aspects of our business activities by preventing environmental pollution, reducing the production of waste, promoting conservation of resources and recycling, and by making considerations for biodiversity, etc.
  3. We will strive to consistently comprehend the environment-related demand of society, and perform engineering while developing advanced technologies to create the solutions, then provide the engineering solutions that society desires.
  4. We will promote education and awareness concerning the environment, to improve environmental conservation knowledge and awareness.

Examples of Activities

Reduction of Environmental Impact

  • NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group perform periodical environmental audits at all of our work sites and plants / offices to confirm the status of compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and to make any necessary rectifications.
  • We ascertain the level of energy consumption at all of our plants and offices in Japan, and monitor our greenhouse gas emissions.

    Energy Consumption (Japan Domestic) Unit: kl (crude oil equivalent)

    Energy Consumption (Japan Domestic)
    Unit: kl (crude oil equivalent)

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Japan Domestic) Unit: Ton

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Japan Domestic)
    Unit: Ton

  • Products and technologies that contribute to environmental conservation (For specific information, see the business introduction pages for offshore wind power and geothermal power generation)

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