Health and Safety Policy

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group recognizes "SAFETY" as the core of the cooperate management and will give the highest priority to safety in all business activities. Based on the concept of health and productivity management, the health of employees is the most essential, we will continually promote appropriate activities for health in all workplaces.

  1. We will continually strive to improve the level of health and safety management in order to eliminate any occupational accidents by strictly complying with safety related laws, regulations and rules.
  2. We will strive to mitigate safety risks and also to create safety culture where employees are willing, not forced, to pursue safety.
  3. We will promote education and awareness concerning health and safety to build knowledge and improve the sensibilities of all employees pertaining to health and safety, including employees in our affiliated companies, subcontractors and vendors.
  4. We will work to create comfortable workplaces while providing employees an environment and opportunities to enhance their physical and mental health.

Examples of Activities

1. Safety Performance

Standalone base

Total working hours
(million hours)
Fatal accidents
(number of cases)
Lost-time accidents
(number of cases)
Frequency rate※1
2018 8.97 0 1 0.11
2019 9.12 0 3 0.33
2020 10.58 0 7 0.66

Consolidated base

Total working hours
(million hours)
Fatal accidents
(number of cases)
Lost-time accidents
(number of cases)
Frequency rate※1
2018 20.60 0 5 0.24
2019 18.60 0 6 0.32
2020 21.98 0 17 0.77

※1 Accident Frequency Rate = "(Number of Casualties/Total Number of Working Man-Hours) x 1,000,000"

In 2019, TNS*, a local subsidiary in Thailand, opened the "HSE Training Center" (HSE: Health, Safety, and the Environment) for hands-on safety and other training related to welding, electrical work, work at heights, and suspended work. A total of more than 5,000 people have already taken the courses. As a company where new workers and those lacking experience in the construction industry are continually involved in projects, this site will be a base for building a safety culture and aiming for zero accidents.

※TNS = Thai Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction Corporation, Ltd.




2. Creation of a Culture of Safety

  • NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group are thorough in our consideration for newly-admitted and inexperienced employees who are more likely to be involved in an accident, engaging in verbal support and instruction, etc.
  • We are thorough in our accident prevention measures with a goal of zero occupational accidents, placing particular emphasis on accidents involving falls causing serious injuries.
  • We work towards the creation of an organization in which employees engage with safety promotion voluntarily, rather than by coercion, and a corporate climate wherein employees have consideration for one another and protect each other from accidents.

3. Educational Activities

  • In addition to statutory safety education, we conduct safety management training for construction managers and other employees.
  • We proactively conduct activities aimed at raising the standard of safety awareness among workers and foremen, such as daily safety instruction for workers and foremen, dialogue with foremen, and safety rallies, etc.

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