Human Resources Policy

Based on the recognition that human resources are our most important management resources, NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group will promote the best human resource development practices that can make both the company and its individuals feel true innovation and growth. In addition, while fulfilling our social responsibility in the field of labor and human rights, we aim to be a group in which each employee can continue working responsibly with passion.

  1. We will promote a human management system based on ability that encourages employees to demonstrate their ability and enthusiasm to the maximum.
  2. We will develop human capitals that enable each employee to hone his or her aspirations and continuously work to improve productivity and innovate operations, placing importance on ‘Market & Client focus’, ‘Networking’ and ‘Improvement & Innovation’.
  3. We will support employee efforts to take responsibility to proactively develop their own abilities and careers in order to become first-rate professionals on their own initiative, and will provide them with the opportunities and an environment for continued growth.
  4. We will improve both the employment / working conditions and the workplace environment for employees of various backgrounds to be able to work together with enthusiasm and motivation while respecting diversity and achieve the best results as a team through cooperation.
  5. We will respect fundamental human rights and eliminate discrimination based on race, creed, sex, age, nationality, religion, thought, or disability, etc. We will observe all laws and social norms regarding labor and human rights both within Japan and in related countries, and promote training and activities to build awareness.

Examples of Activities

Nurturing of Global Human Resources

  • In order to secure and develop human resources who are capable of working globally, NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group promote activities such as early work abroad experiences, study abroad opportunities in designated regions, and internal courses.
  • We strengthen the development of local staff at our overseas operation bases (including group companies) to construct an organization that is more deeply rooted in the local area.
  • Each year, we continuously employ international students. We carry out the same training as with our other Japanese employees in the expectation that they will play an active role in our global markets in the future.

Activities at our Overseas Operation Bases

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. currently employs approximately 1,500 local staff at our 17 overseas operations bases (including group companies). THAI NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION, LTD. (TNS), for example, is based in Thailand - a country with which we have long-standing ties. TNS has over 30 years history since its establishment and employs approximately 850 workers. TNS implements continuous employee training through a unique program. Local staff are deeply involved in the company, even within its central management. As an entire group, we will further strengthen the training of local staff in the future to build an organization that develops stronger local roots.

Welding Inspector Course (TNS)

Confined Space Practical Training (TNS)

Promotion of diversity

Once a year, we select, from among the national staff of overseas bases and group companies, individuals who are expected to become the next generation of leaders, and gather them in Japan for global training.
In fiscal 2019,10 people from Germany,Thailand,China,India,Singapore,and the Philippines participated.

Further Improvement of Work-life Balance

  • We continuously hold discussions between workers and management while periodically assessing the total annual working hours.
  • We utilize telecommuting and shared offices with the aim of managing our operations in a manner that enables employees to make the most of their time, regardless of the time or location.

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