Sustainability Promotion System

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. has established the Sustainability Committee chaired by our president. The committee promotes Sustainability activities, which have become an integral part of the management of the company. Risk Management Committee, Human Resources Committee, HSE Committee, and Social Contribution Committee have been set up as well. These committees engage in PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycles surrounding more specific activities that will allow us to continue operating as a company that is trusted by the community.

Internal Controls / Risk Management System

We hold periodical meetings of our Risk Management Committee, a subcommittee of the CSR Committee. These meetings are used as a forum for discussing and reporting on the maintenance and application of our internal controls and risk management system, as well as for the sharing of information relating to risks. In order to maintain the risk management system of the group as a whole, each group company appoints a representative to be responsible for risk management. In this way, we strive to achieve open sharing of information and enrichment of our policies.

We operate a crisis management system whereby a meeting of the "Crisis Management Group" led by the company president is called immediately upon the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances that have a significant impact on the operations of us and / or our group companies. Subsequently, the necessary initial response is swiftly taken to minimize the damages and / or impact, etc.

In order to determine and resolve any problems in terms of the maintenance and application of these internal controls and the risk management system, we have established a Risk Management Department that performs internal audits and a Business Process Innovation Department that supports activities for the improvement of controls.

We continuously provide education on compliance awareness, implementing the observance of laws relating to a wide range of business activities, the prevention of anti-competitive practices, and overseas safety management rules addressing the risks associated with business expansion overseas. In Japan, we implement various types of e-learning programs (overseas safety management, information security, construction industry law, whistleblowing system) and host lectures by external experts.

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