Social Contribution Policy

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group will promote social contribution activities in the following four areas beyond our existing business activities by effectively making use of our management resources in collaboration with outside organizations. Further, based on the recognition that voluntary social contribution activities of our employees help further their own growth through communication with various persons outside company, we will support and promote their activities aggressively.

  1. Development of the next generation
    We will promote activities to convey the joys of engineering to young people who will be responsible for the next generation.
  2. Development of community
    We will recognize the social challenges of each local community that our business offices and project sites are involved with, and will promote activities that will lead to the development of each of these communities.
  3. Global environmental conservation
    As a company engaged in the construction of industrial and social infrastructure, we consider global environmental conservation to be an important issue that our employees should be acutely aware of, and will promote activities that will lead to solutions for environmental issues.
  4. Support for post-disaster reconstruction
    In the event of large-scale disasters at home and abroad, we will, promote social contribution activities that satisfy the needs of the affected areas by making use of our management resources.

Examples of Activities

Regional Symbiosis

  • At the "Engi-Garden" - a regional community garden on the site of NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD.'s Kitakyushu dormitory - NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING Group carry out a variety of programs involving participation from local residents, in cooperation with the Kitakyushu municipal child welfare residential facility and designated non-profit organizations.
  • Our group company, THAI NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION, LTD. (TNS) carries out mangrove planting activities in Thailand.

Donations / Contributions

  • We donate reusable PCs to municipal resident activity groups and welfare organizations, with cooperation from the local government of Kitakyushu City.
    (Financial Year 2014: 50 units; Financial Year 2015: 80 units; Financial Year 2016: 55 units)
  • We support organizations such as NPO groups that conduct activities aligned with our basic social contribution policy through donations and contributions.

Provision of Opportunities for Participation in Volunteer Activities to our Employees

  • Our employees utilize their free time after weekday working hours to produce toys, such as building blocks, using timber that they have collected. These are then donated to nursery schools in the areas affected by the Tohoku and Kumamoto earthquakes.
  • We provide our employees with opportunities to participate in volunteer activities, such as charity marathons.

Nurturing the Next Generation

  • Since FY2015 we have been organizing "Passion and Advanced Technology: Mission-E", an engineering program for junior high school-level science education that utilizes knowledge learned at school to benefit the real world.
  • We receive junior high school and high school students who wish to make a company visit as a part of youth career education.
  • Our employees visit elementary schools to teach classes on topics such as "systems for turning waste into a resource" and "design experience using lego blocks" in an easy-to-understand manner.

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