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UBB™ (Unbonded Brace)

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Unbonded Brace

UBB™ is a structural brace element consisting of a steel core plate which is restrained by mortar and steel tube. A membrane called the unbonding material, located between the mortar and the core plate, ensures that axial forces in the core plate do not transfer to the mortar and the steel tube. This ingenious combination of components produces stable and symmetric tension-compression hysteretic behavior.

UBB™ Performance
Hysteresis loops in tension and compression have equal strength and stiffness, in the pre- and post-yield ranges.
1) Same stiffness in tension and compression
2) Same strength in tension and compression
3) Stable and symmetric behavior in tension and compression

Satisfies the requirements of the seismic manual issued by the AISC
A number of loading tests which satisfy the design requirements of the seismic design manual issued by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) have been conducted on UBB™.
UBB™ has been adopted in more than 800 projects worldwide.


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