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High-efficiency, high-quality production of a wide variety of steel grades.

NIPPON STEEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. utilizes the operations and maintenance technologies accumulated by the NIPPON STEEL Group over more than forty years to provide annealing furnaces that excel not only in terms of productivity, controllability, and stability, but also operability and maintainability. We provide optimal equipment compatible with a variety of steel grades.

Heating Zone: Our annealing furnaces are compatible with direct heating and radiant tube heating. They possess high controllability of the strip temperature as well as flexible heating capabilities. Waste heat recovery also enables running costs and environmental impact to be reduced. Optimized roller design allows the stable strip running and prevents defects on strip surface. The on-site construction period is shortened through use of the pre-lining construction method. Our strip temperature control system is compact and exhibits high levels of precision. We have incorporated an adequate package of feed forward and feed back control systems, based on the principle of heat transfer.

Cooling Zone: We provide the optimal equipment configuration to meet client needs from our lineup of gas cooling, high-concentration hydrogen gas cooling, and accelerated cooling process systems. Our high-speed gas cooling technology enables low-cost production of a wide variety of steel grades. The addition of a strip vibration suppression mechanism and widthwise strip temperature deviation reducing mechanism enables us to stably produce high-quality steel sheets with greater uniformity.

We can also flexibly handle new construction, renovation, and modification of partial sections only. We provide optimal design and installation plans.

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Image of Horizontal furnace

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