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Engineering R&D Institute

Our R&D Institute provides technical development and technical support related to our engineering business. We are specialized in technologies of welding & corrosion protection as well as material evaluation which are commonly used in our businesses, for example, automatic welding technology applied to oil and natural gas pipelines, stainless steel sheet corrosion protection coating for offshore steel structure with durability for 100 years under severe corrosive environments, evaluation of new steel materials which are jointly being developed with Nippon Steel, our parent company.

We are also working on development of creation of renewable energies including bioethanol and are able to provide clean coal technologies including coal pyrolysis gasification. Playing an important role on the research and development in order to support the leading edge of such technologies, our R&D Institute further work on development of pretreatment, saccharification and fermentation process of biomass raw materials as well as streamlining and quality improvement of production process for drying, dry distillation and suppression of spontaneous ignition and combustion of low-grade coal.


Development House and Laboratory

Research Facilities

Bio Laboratory

Automated Welding Machine

Automated Welding Machine

Marine Structure with Stainless Steel Sheet Sheathing

Marine Structure with Stainless Steel Sheet Sheathing

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