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October 2, 2019

Notice of R&D Institute Relocation

We are proud to announce that we have consolidated our organization of R&D Institute, which was previously located at Futtsu and Wakamatsu, for the purpose of improving efficiency and productivity of technology development and research work, and strengthening cooperation with both internal and external organizations and that, with effect from 1st October 2019, new R&D Institute is now relocated at the premises of our Kitakyushu Technology Center.

The R&D facilities and equipment previously belonged to Futtsu and Wakamatsu bases are being removed and reinstalled at our Development House and Laboratory adjacent to Kitakyushu Technology Center. (Reinstallation work completion is scheduled in late October 2019).

Through this reorganization and relocation of our R&D Institute, we will deepen communication with our stakeholders and work faster and more on research and advanced technology development as well as improvement of product value.


■Development House (left) and Laboratory (right)


■Bio Laboratory

Main R&D Equipment

Development & Testing

  • Corrosion Testing Equipment
  • Mechanized Welding Equipment
  • Coal Drying Equipment(experimental)
  • Bioethanol Production Bench Testing Facility
  • Measuring & Analysis

  • Bio Laboratory
  • Non-Destructive Testing Equipment
  • Material & Surface Analyzer
  • Physical Property Measuring & Characterization Device
  • New Address:

    R&D Institute (located at the Kita-kyushu Technology Center)社
    Nakabaru 46-59, Tobata, Kita-kyushu, Fukuoka, Japan 804-8505

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